Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Week

This week I learned a lot organizationally. What happened was, the new administrative assistant/policy coordinator started full time this week and that shed light on tendencies in the office. Before this, I would get projects but more working with the Director or VP, but once this person started I have begun to notice that the Director and VP get used to delegating or asking others to work on things. Because they now have both myself and the admin, there is a lot more room for work to get done, so projects that had been forgotten or neglected now can be renewed. For example, they asked me to work on a project sort of following up on something that they did a couple of years ago and then building on it. It was funny because they literally hadn't looked at the files since then, so I could tell that they were thrilled to now have the man power to work on these kinds of things. ORganizationally , though what does that signal? If having more people means more gets done, does that change the leadership style of the managers? In this case I think it may but should that happen? When so much responsibility is put on a couple of people they get used to not asking the other one or two people in the office for help, but once that number grows, they start asking. Did they just not need the help before or feel that they couldn't ask? Or maybe hey just didn't think to but that is still really interesting. Are they then delegating to us intentionally? I would have described their leadership style much more influence, but not it seems to be more directly proportional and processing projects that are then followed up on more regularly. Does the delegation of power change the kind of leader someone is? To what extent should it? I hope to continue to examine this in the weeks to come to see whether the changes I have noticed are circumstantial or will have continuity.

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