Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Week

This week the coolest part was getting to go to a lot of fairly important meetings. I went to a meeting of all of the major blind policy organizations, several key congressional meetings for the bill we are working on, the Department of Labor and more.
I also got to conduct research on WIPO which is the World Intellectual PRoperty Organization. What is most interesting here is that DAISY is a form of accessible materials that has world wide usage and copyright acceptance, yet for anything else, including large print, there is no international copyright exchange which means that numerous countries have no accessible format even though it exists a,d further it puts an advantage towards the wealthy countries who are able to produce the accessible materials.
We also had two new staff members begin working this week as well as a visit from the organization president which taught me alot about how the organization runs. The President is a very nice and incredibly smart man who sets a precedence in the office for openness, comfort, high caliber work, etc. I think the kind of leadership where you are encouraging the peopel you work for, genuinely getting to know them and informing their decisions.

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